The Pioneering Brand of Thal Limited -Baluchistan Laminates Division

Formite, a trusted brand under the Baluchistan Laminates Division of Thal Limited, has been leading the way in the manufacturing of High Pressure Laminates (HPL) since its establishment in 1980. With a rich history and exceptional expertise, Formite is recognized as the pioneer and sole manufacturer of High Pressure Laminates in Pakistan. In fact, High Pressure Laminates are commonly referred to as “Formica” in the local market, a testament to the brand’s prominence and quality.
Formite is proud to be a part of Thal Limited, a subsidiary of the prestigious House of Habib. Thal Limited has made its mark in the engineering manufacturing sector, and its association with Formite further reinforces the brand’s commitment to excellence and quality.
Formite’s High Pressure Laminates are renowned for their exceptional quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. From solid colors to captivating patterns, Formite offers a wide range of designs and finishes to suit diverse interior design needs. With Formite’s HPL, you can elevate your spaces with confidence, knowing that you are investing in a product crafted with unparalleled expertise and craftsmanship.
Conclusion: Formite, a brand under Thal Limited’s Baluchistan Laminates Division, stands as a pioneer and sole manufacturer of High Pressure Laminates in Pakistan. The brand’s association with the esteemed House of Habib further enhances its reputation for delivering top-notch quality and innovation. With Formite’s High Pressure Laminates, you can trust in the brand’s commitment to excellence, transforming your spaces into stunning works of art that exude durability, style, and timeless beauty. Experience the unparalleled craftsmanship and exceptional quality of Formite’s High Pressure Laminates and elevate your interior design projects to new heights.

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