Formite: Your Trusted Source for Quality Compact Laminates

Introduction: Formite stands as the leading and sole manufacturer of compact laminates in Pakistan, delivering top-notch products to both domestic and international markets. With a diverse range of offerings, including general grade Melamite and electrical grade Bakelite, Formite caters to various applications with exceptional quality and performance.

Formite’s compact laminates come in a wide array of colors, design patterns, and surface texture finishes, offering endless possibilities for projects. These laminates are renowned for their remarkable resistance to impact, heat, and moisture, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability.

Electrical Grade Excellence: Formite’s electrical grade compact laminates adhere to the British Standard BS (EN 60893-3-4: 2004), guaranteeing the highest level of electrical insulation strength ranging from 15 to 40 kVA. Designed specifically for technical applications, these laminates excel in environments that require robust electrical insulation properties, while also providing exceptional resistance to impact, heat, and moisture.

Applications and Uses: Compact laminates find application across a wide range of industries, including commercial, residential, hospitality, and healthcare sectors. Formite’s electrical grade laminates are particularly suitable for electrical switchgear, insulation barriers, transformers, and electric motor applications, where reliable and high-performance electrical insulation is essential.

Global Reach and Quality Export: Formite takes pride in its export capabilities, catering to the Middle East and Africa regions with their superior compact laminates. This international reach showcases Formite’s commitment to delivering quality products that meet global standards and requirements.

Conclusion: Formite’s compact laminates offer exceptional quality, versatility, and durability. Whether you need general grade Melamite for various applications or electrical grade Bakelite for technical uses, Formite provides reliable solutions that exceed expectations. With their focus on heat and moisture resistance, electric insulation, and adherence to international standards, Formite remains the trusted choice for compact laminates both locally and across global markets. Trust Formite to elevate your interior spaces and technical applications with their superior range of compact laminates.

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